Organizational Training

Dr. Bandy has developed an empirically supported cultural competence training model and assists organizations in the development of cultural competence within work groups, departments, or across facilities/locations domestically and internationally.  Approaches may be tailored to fit the needs and challenges within each organization.  Reviewing important elements vital to effective intercultural communication, interpersonal and intrapersonal competence, followed by small group work practicing these skills are central components of the training program.   

Dr. Bandy also presents employee wellness program (EWP) development team training.  This training program focuses on research-based models important for culturally competent EWP development teams.  The training is ideal for multinationals offering EWP programs in multiple countries.  Cultural competence and intercultural communication skills across development team members are the key areas of focus.  Additionally, interpersonal and intrapersonal competence, as well as indigenous and cross-cultural psychology applications are presented.  These research-based approaches assist in the growth of EWP development teams and cultural sensitive programming.  Development teams designing, maintaining, or expanding culturally competent EWPs internationally or domestically explore new ideas and areas for program enhancement.

Custom programs on these topics are designed to meet the needs of each organization.  Please call (573) 447-7566 for your free initial phone consultation.

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