Speaking Engagements

Dr. Bandy offers presentations on diverse topics, including international employee wellness programs (EWPs) and cultural competence.  Considerations across cultural groups, characteristics, and strategies for the development of culturally sensitive EWPs for international or domestic organizations are the focal points.  Intercultural communication, interpersonal and intrapersonal competence may also be presented.  

Dr. Bandy is also available to speak to organizations or groups about International Psychology.  The presentation includes a broad perspective of the field as well as the mission, research, and practice of International Psychology.  Understanding cultural competence, effective intercultrual communication, and an awareness of cultural sensitivity are core tenets of the presentation.

Dr. Bandy presents a holistic and positive perspective of stress to organizations and small groups.  An interactive and informative presentation can be tailored for the participants and typically includes both stress awareness and management techniques.  

Additionally, Dr. Bandy offers a presentation for caregiver groups or organizations on the topic of parenting and strengthening the caregiver-child relationship.  By focusing on the relationship, attendees learn how to improve their communication and interactions with their child, moving toward an improved relationship.

Dr. Bandy is available to speak about these topics during a formal program or workshop, as part of an employee wellness program, or Lunch and Learn in organizational settings.  

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