Adolescent (14-17) and adult psychotherapy are offered in individual, couples, and group settings for diverse mental health needs.  Concerns addressed sometimes include:  Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Bipolar, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, OCD, personal growth, emotion management, relationships, family life, and more.  Dr. Bandy’s approach to psychotherapy includes joining the client on their journey while extending unconditional positive regard, empathy, compassion, and genuineness. She understands that each individual’s needs vary and adjusts her approach to therapy to best serve the individual.  These approaches may include:  Cognitive Behavioral, Client-Centered, Gestalt, Existential, Solution-Focused, and others.  In-office and telehealth (video) sessions are available for Missouri residents.  Dr. Bandy offers the integration of the Christian faith to those who request and consent to this treatment approach.

Parenting (group therapy)

Columbia Counseling Center offers an evidence-based mental health intervention which assists caregivers in developing the relationship with their child using the Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) approach. The focus is on fostering a secure and attuned caregiver-child attachment and empowering caregivers to make a significant difference in their children’s lives.  This is a play-based treatment program for young children presenting with behavioral, emotional, social, and attachment disorders.  In a supportive group environment, parents learn skills to respond more effectively to their children’s emotional and behavioral needs.  Consequently, children learn that they can count on their parents to reliably and consistently meet their needs for love, acceptance, safety, and security.  The goal of CPRT is to strengthen the quality of the parent-child attachment bond as a means of reducing child problems and stress in the parent-child relationship.  The ideal age of the child of focus is 3-8, however adaptations can be made for toddlers and pre-adolescents.  CPRT is administered weekly in two-hour group sessions for ten weeks, with up to four couples (parents/caregivers).  This is a closed group, please click on the request appointment link on the homepage to discover the next group start date.

Stress (group therapy)

She also assists individuals who may be experiencing acute, episodic, or chronic stress.  Uncovering patterns of stress, self-exploration, and discovering solutions are a central focus.  This is an ongoing/open group.

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